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Around the County

Egg hunt »


County Junior Farmers scavenge for eggs left by the Easter bunny in Bloomfield. Sarah Byford was the grandest young lady at the Prince Edward County Junior Farmers’ annual Easter egg hunt, held at…

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Focused on the goal »


Picton pet food store excels at raising money for vulnerable animals Pet Valu Picton raised more than $8,000 last April, third best of all stores in Canada. Tricia Daley, above with TJ, explains…

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Fun of the game »


County minor hockey recognizes achievement, improvement and dedication Among those singled out for special honours on the County’s Timbit Black team were (L-R) Lainey VanVlack, for Most Sportsmanlike; Mitchell Sills, for Most Improved…

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Another plan »


Decision on fire hall plan put off until June They had come to administer the final blow, to finish…

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Faceless enemy »


Government regulators tilt playing field in favour of large multi-national competitors and away from small County businesses Ki is…

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Next step »


PECFN asks court to hear its appeal The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) have taken the next step…

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Do not approve »


Municipality tells province to reject wpd Canada’ wind project The municipality of Prince Edward will ask the Ontario Ministry…

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End of Taste »


Marketing agency promoted the County around the world Taste the County was born out of a frustration that neither…

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Lending a paw »


Picton pet food store among top fundraisers in Canada Lining the walls of Pet Valu store in Picton are…

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Bumpy ride »


Fresh initiative to expand and integrate transit options in the County To view the PEC Transit Research Project click…

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  1. Stanley Cup playoffs
  2. Egg hunt
  3. All sytems go
  4. Junior Farmers’ Easter
  5. Rising star
  6. Ending the regular season
  7. April moon
  8. Sublime sophistication
  9. The nature of my game
  1. jannie: Ho hum. . The poor developer will have a financial burden… while they trash value of the heritage...
  2. Theresa Durning: always a wonderful read, thanks
  3. Dayton Johnson: Ostrander Point is in South Marysburgh….not North Marysburgh.
  4. David: It is unfortunate that millions of dollars would have to spent to purchase land and build a very large hall,...
  5. Jim Wiegand: The information in this recent article will very much help the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists...

Images by Kathleen Sabyan

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Close to my heart »

There are so many causes. There are so many reasons to help. Recently, I made a donation to Mike Foley’s Ride to Conquer Cancer. Maybe he’s a cancer survivor. Maybe he knows someone who succumbed to, or survived, cancer. I don’t know, but I do know at least a dozen people who are battling cancer—in…

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Bozetti »

Vanessa Pandos’s work is an ongoing study of what she calls “the tangibility of light.” The County stained glass artist has built a career using discarded glass to create works of unusual depth and beauty. Each piece stands alone as a rich work of colour, movement and texture. But when sunlight shines through the glass,…

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baranyai small

Sublime sophistication »

With the overlapping religious holidays of Passover and Easter, it’s time to explore kosher wine produced in adherence to Jewish dietary laws. Some rabbinical scholars contend that the fruit Eve gave Adam was in fact the grape from which wine was made. We all know that drunkenness causes one’s inhibitions to fall away. A translated…

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The nature of my game »

Pleased to meet you Hope you guessed my name But what’s puzzling you Is the nature of my game From Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones So, I guess it’s time someone came clean about all this. You wanted to watch cat videos to your heart’s content, hiding anonymously behind a computer screen,…

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David simmonds small

Stanley Cup playoffs »

Now that the regular season has wrapped up in the National Hockey League, it is time for coaches to rally the troops for the playoffs. A team must win 16 games in order to win the Stanley Cup; however, each team will play a minimum of 16 games, with each series the best of seven.…

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hurst- web

Conrad Beaubien

April moon »

It’s a little after 4 a.m. The moonlight spills through the roof skylight and onto the place where I’m writing. I’m thinking it was the moon that woke me up.…

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Sam conclusions »

It was the morning I heard the shrill cry of the red-winged blackbird that I found the note stuck to my front door. “We’re back” it simply read. Back? That…

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Something else about Sam »

I mean, the only thing to do is to go with the flow right? Accept things as they come. Like when your…

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Sam things »

There is a certain grace to winter that I would miss if I lived in a mono season. Winter exposes the land’s…

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Steve Campbell

Council report card »

After trying to tear down the cellulose-ridden bureaucracies of the provincial and federal governments, it’s time to turn my attention inward. As…

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The Great Canadian sell out »

As a column writer, it never ceases to amaze me that people will read one sentence, or one word, and run off…

Jan 24 2014 / No Comment / Read More »

Selling the County »

This is a difficult subject for me to address, as I have been involved in the marketing of the County since 1976, quite a different time than the County of…

Feb 14 2014 / No Comment / Read More »

Power, purpose, principle and vision »

I know from responses to my Times columns and blogs that Word on the Street works pretty well according to its original purpose: To get people talking. I have…

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