2017 Audi A4

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Driving for the senses

The Audi A4 puts the best of German engineering and innovation within reach of those who have, until now, only dreamed of driving a sensual experience. The A4 gathers an array of technology designed for performance, safety and convenience and places it at the driver’s fingertips within the surrounds of a premium leather cockpit. The Bang & Olufsen sound system provides the uplifting soundtrack to this exceptional driving experience—the only sound in this whisper-quiet cabin.

Intuitive controls and monitoring systems are arrayed in a curved display within easy reach of the driver. Slipping behind the wheel, one immediately senses that this is a car meant to be driven—to be allowed to stretch and run like a thoroughbred. Choose first between three driving modes—comfort, automatic and dynamic. Each mode progressively stiffens the suspension and improves engine response. The Audi A4 has the flexibility and know-how to deliver elegant comfort over the long haul runs as well as the power and spirit to inspire goosebumps on an early morning countryside exploration of the car’s handling and response.

The powerplant delivers 252 horsepower, accelerating smoothly over seven gears in this automatic transmission.

As you might expect, the Audi is loaded with safety features including blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, back up camera as well as advanced driver’s assistance. The A4 detects objects ahead— cars, trees and people for example—and sends a series of warnings before intervening to brake the vehicle to avoid a collision, if for some reason the driver fails to take action. Incredibly, the Audi also monitors traffic in the oncoming lane and will prevent the driver from turning into a head-on collision.

Audi’s MMI system enables drivers to stay connected with their vehicle wherever they are. Through the smartphone app, you can lock and unlock the vehicle, turn on the heat and it will alert you when the A4 isn’t home. It can also set the maximum driving speed for the young drivers in your household.

See and feel for yourself—take the 2017 Audi A4 for a drive at Kingston Audi, located at 1670 Bath Road

ENGINE: FWD: 2.0-litre TFSI 4-cylinder (turbo)
(190hp, 236 lb/ft@1,400 – 4,200rpm), 0-100 km/h: 7.4 seconds
AWD: 2.0-litre TFSI 4-cylinder (turbo)
(252hp, 273 lb/ft@1,600 – 4,500rpm), 0-100 km/h: 6.0 seconds
TOP SPEED: 209 km/h
DRIVETRAIN: FWD: seven-speed S-tronic automatic
Quattro: seven-speed S-tronic automatic / Quattro six-speed manual
FUEL ECONOMY: Highway:7.7L / City: 9.8L/ Combined:8.8L /100km
WHEELBASE: 111 in LENGTH: 186 WIDTH: 72.5 in HEIGHT: 56.1 in
CURB WEIGHT: 1,645kg
PRICING: As tested – Komfort Quattro: $44,000 plus freight and PDI.
Technik S Line: $54,540 plus freight and PDI. See dealer for details.